Sunday, March 11, 2007

Joy Unspeakable

This is Bukasa Wakiso Africa Gospel Church! We visited this church last Sunday and what joy they shared with us through their songs, testimonies and excitement in having visitors.

This congregation of believers were meeting in a small building. There were holes in the walls and the bricks were falling apart, the floors were dirt and there were no windows, but they were so happy to have a place they could go and celebrate their life for Christ. The man who owns this building has little by little pushed them out by adding more and more chickens to the place. This 'new' church of theirs is all they have now, but nothing has hindered their joy. As we were listening to the pastor speak, we could hear the chickens clucking away.

That Sunday they had just received word that they will be given metal sheets to put a roof on their church. I wish you could have heard the joy that was expressed after that announcement. They have been praying for a roof so that they would not get wet when it rains. I was humbled by it all. Here they barely have sticks for walls. They have thin tree trunks for braces and now they will get to add metal sheets on the roof to replace the reeds that are there now. But nothing hinders their joy in Jesus.

This week, when satan tries to hinder our joy...let's remind him that we have a joy unspeakable and full of glory.

Love to all,


Monday, March 5, 2007


He is 12!

Can you believe it?



Flat Stanley was spotted at the Novotel Hotel near London's Heathrow airport. This is for you Trevor!!!