Wednesday, April 18, 2007


During the school Easter break, we all decided to take our kids to the pool. The pictures below are some of the greatest MK kids, having a ball!

Best Buds Forever!!

Jordan Mayo (left) and Austin Hopson (right) enjoyed back stroking back and forth across the pool over and over.

Miss Emilee Hopson
Does the Cannon Ball!

Will she hit her Daddy with her 'mighty' splash?

answer is: was barely even a splash!!!

Ethan Mayo takes a
Flying Leap!!!

OOOO that had to hurt!!
There's those best buds back stroking to the other side again....can you see them? LOL

It was a great day! The kids were totally exhausted that night!

Thanks for praying for our Missionary Kids. They see their parents working a lot of hours, but we as parents want to take time out to have fun, too! It was a much needed relaxing day!


Friday, April 13, 2007


Hey everyone! I am so excited that I am actually able to update this blog. I am sure you are tired of seeing the same thing every time you log onto this thing. Most days the Internet it not working fast enough to be able to actually have a productive time on here, but I guess 12:17 a.m. is the best time to get on.

I typed up a whole blog well over 2 weeks ago and lost it or why? I have no idea! Anyway, I am going to attempt it again.

Hold on to your seat because here we go! I am going to share with you some exciting church/worship pictures. God is alive in Uganda and it amazes me how many ways people sing praises to our Lord!!

Kampala International University Church
This church is on the KIU campus...We had to walk up SEVERAL flights of stairs to get to it, but it was worth all the air we lost getting up there. It thrills my heart to see around 500 university aged young people praising Jesus!! This is their praise and dance team. Lots and Lots of energy!! They also have praise and worship choruses and a 40 or so person accapella choir! We were blessed to be a part of this service.

Let's move on to another church with a totally different style...

This is Christ's Gate Church

This man is Pastor Nelson. Pastor Nelson doesn't stand still much when he is praising Jesus. He loves the Lord with all his heart. We were so surprised to be in the papyrus reed church and then they fired up the microphones. IT WAS LOUD! They make it loud so that people in their homes can worship or maybe hear the Word for the first time. What a blessing we received on this special Palm Sunday.

Tears sprang to my eyes and ran down my cheeks while this young gal received Jesus as Saviour of her life. The pastor's wife interrupted the preaching and said, "This girl says she has to be saved and right now!" What a special day! We got to witness Jesus saving grace in a papyrus reed church with dirt floors and extremely loud microphones so that other's can hear His love accepted and proclaimed!! on to another church....

Katale Africa Gospel Church

Katale is a church that is in the midst of a very difficult people group. This church has grown very rapidly, but numbers are not what is important to them. We have been to this church a number of times now and I continue to be awed by their desire to reach people outside of the church property. They are on fire! This picture does not do them justice. These men played these drums for at least 45 minutes and then traded off with someone else and played some other kind of homemade instrument. I believe it was a bug spray can with beans or rocks on the inside. Their shirts were completely soaked after they finished their praise and worship time. This church loves to move. The man on the right drum normally sings with the worship team and I am telling you, he does aerobics for 45 minutes to an hour...nonstop! I had never seen it. God is ALIVE!!!

Thank you for your prayers. I would love for you all to come and see for yourselves the love these people have for Jesus! Most of them have nothing in material possessions, but they HAVE IT ALL BECAUSE THEY HAVE JESUS!!!

I stand amazed and am so excited to share it.