Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Another Visitor Comes to Uganda!! or two or three...

We have been so blessed to have visitors come to see what God is all about in Uganda. These young ladies are very special to us and to the Lord.

left to right...Angela Doyle, Amber Erny & Jenny Jordan

Let me just share a bit about each young lady.

Angela Doyle has been one of our summer volunteers. She came in on May 21st and has done a variety of things. She was in our area for a week or so and did some amazing work at Heritage International School in the Library. Thank you Angela!!! Then she went to Arua and helped out where she was needed there. Angela has received the Lord's call to be a missionary in Africa, but she has not felt a confirmation of what country, specifically. We have been so blessed to have her in Uganda this summer.

Amber Erny has been here since sometime in April. She has just about finished her short time in Uganda, though, but has been such a blessing to us. Amber helped at HIS in the second grade class. Emilee became very close to her during this time. After her time in Kampala, she then moved on to Arua where she helped build relationships and worked with children. It will be hard to see her go.
Jenny Jordan came for just 10 days or so this month. She moved into our house and was like one of the family from the beginning. Jenny is going to go to school to be a nurse and what a special young lady the Lord has to serve Him one day on the mission field. She has such a love for people...especially children. I think every chance she got, she was holding a child! Jenny got the opportunity to help in a local maternity clinic. This clinic is very small and doesn't get a lot of clients, but the ones who came while Jenny was there, were received with a loving touch and beautiful smile. We were sad to see her go. The time was too short!

Thank you Jesus for bringing these visitors and many others to Uganda to share their lives with us, and with the people of Uganda. Bless them Jesus, we pray. Keep them ever near you and hold them in the palm of your strong and loving hand. Guide them in the path that You would want them to go. For it is in Your precious name that I pray these things...Amen.

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Monday, June 25, 2007


Look Who Turned 8 Years Old!!!

Miss. Emilee Grace Hopson

turned 8 years old on

June 7th, 2007.
Our little girl is a blessing from the Lord, as is all of our children. Emilee loves Jesus, loves to laugh and have fun, loves people, loves horses, loves to read and the list could go on and on. She is learning more and more each day about being "pretty" on the inside as well as pretty on the outside. We know Jesus has a plan for our Emilee and we pray His blessings on her.
In Christ,
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Another visitor comes to Uganda!!



On May 21st, our nephew, Daniel Groves, arrived here for the first time. We were so excited to see him and to have family here. Kaleb, Austin and Emilee couldn't wait to see one of their many cousins on this side of the globe! We had a great time with Daniel and felt blessed to have him here.

One of the funniest things that happened was when we introduced Daniel to one of our Ugandan congregations. Kenneth stood up and had Daniel stand beside him. He said, "This is our nephew, Daniel. He is visiting us from the U.S. and is 19 years old." The lady in front of us gasped as she shared her surprise that he was only 19. They thought he was much older since he was so tall. It was so funny!

Daniel snapped pictures all over the place and got some really neat shots. Here is a picture that we took of him and the boys on the Nile River.
YES, I said the Nile. The one Moses floated on.

And what kind of trip would it be without going to the EQUATOR!! These were exciting times!! Daniel has one foot on the north side of the equator and the other foot on the south side.
Would you like to have a Uganda experience? Is God asking you to step out of your comfort zone and see what He is doing in Uganda? Come on over and find out for yourself.
Daniel says he will never be the same. What about you?
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Look who turned 8!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


I know it has been a long time since I updated this blog. For those of you who check it everyday and wonder what has become of me…I am very sorry. It feels like I have been going non stop and when I do stop it is to rest up to go again. I will attempt to fill you in on all the happenings here, but I am sure I will forget something.

As I mentioned in my last blog update, we had a team of young people from Indiana Wesleyan University in May. They were an absolute joy to have around. They played with our children, cleaned, painted, organized, moved furniture and ministered to so many people. They led VBS’s in several Ugandan churches and touched the lives of well over 500 children by sharing with them about the love of Jesus. They spoke in chapel at Heritage International School and I believe it is safe to say that they were loved every where they went!

Swimming and being crazy with the kiddos

Bukasa Wakiso VBS

Buvuma Island VBS

Kisugu VBS

What a great bunch of young people!!
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Daniel Groves visits Uganda!!!