Saturday, February 24, 2007 update for an update. I have not been able to sign in to my blog since the 5th or so of Febraury. I have not been meaning to leave you hanging! I tried almost daily to log in and there was always a system error or the network didn't recognize my password or some such nonsense. "Welcome back to Uganda" We have wireless network this time around, which is actually cheaper than dial-up, but it isn't as efficient as dial-up.

So, let me see where to begin...

Ok...I tried for 30 minutes to upload a picture, but the network wouldn't let least I am able to type something. OH MY!!
One of these days I am going to share all kinds of pictures with you.
We went to a church in an area called Katale and were blessed. They have an hours worth of singing. This one man, full of energy, would give those arobic workout queens on TV a run for their money! I didn't have my camera with me that day, but I will get a picture next time we are there. He danced and danced for the Lord for more than 40 minutes! The music is quite lively in Uganda, anyway, but at Katale, they are so happy to be freed from the bondage they have felt for so long that they can't help but do glory arobics for Jesus! Another man stood up to give his testimoney. He was saved while in prison for the umpteenth time. He witnessed about how horrible he was. How he would steal a ladies purse and then taunt them to come and get him. He did all kinds of dispicable things, but GOD got a hold of him. He is an uneducated man, but God is filling him with His love. He now has a dream to go to the prison and share with inmates how God has filled him to overflowing! During prayer time that Sunday morning, at first I didn't know what they were doing because they were praying in Luganda, but I soon realized they were praying for the people who were still outside the church in their homes. People who still needed the Lord. They turned in each directed of their church and prayed for the people on the North side the of the church, then East, the West and the South. God is alive and working at the Katale Africa Gospel Church.
We have seen God at work in the hearts of a lot of people. The Lord is good and deserves our praise!!
On to some family news...
On the 22nd of February, our oldest son turned 12! Kaleb has some great qualities! Please pray that he will allow God to use those qualities as he develops into a man. Many often say the 12th year is a year of change for a boy. I pray God's richest blessings on my son; I pray for his talents and his love for Jesus to be tried, tested and true. I pray that He grows to be the man that God intends for him to be.
Kenneth has gotten the go-ahead to begin rennovations on the garage. He has started on some jobs printing already and hopes to begin the rennovations soon so he will have more room to work. We really feel God is in this. The money did not come in for all the printing equipment, but we know that God's timing is perfect and the funds will come in, just at the right time. In the mean time, Kenneth is going to print all that God gives him to print and print it to the best of his ability.
I have been working at school for a couple of weeks now. It has been difficult because of things that were not done that should have been and things that still need to be done just to continue forward. Please be in prayer for the school. We will be needing several teachers for the next school year. I don't know what positions will need to be filled, but God knows and we pray for His wisdom.
I guess this will have to be all for now. Thank you so much for your prayers. Keep the comments coming and share this blog with as many people as you want. If no updates are made, then it is because I haven't been able to sign in for one reason or another.
May God be with you,
P.S....I don't know why it won't let me keep spaces between paragraphs, but it won't. Sorry, it was hard to read. UGH

Monday, February 5, 2007


Bwana asifiwe [bw-ah-nah ah-see-fee-way] mean "Praise the Lord" in Swahili. I am praising the Lord. We arrived to Uganda on Wednesday, but not as planned...let me tell you the story. Grab your favorite beverage cause this might be long...

It all started on Monday, January 29th. We left my mom and dad's house around 10 a.m. thinking of the long trip ahead of us. As you will remember from my last post, we were having to go the long way around to get to Entebbe! Well, we got to Chicago early which was a good thing! The counter attendant we had was the same one we had last time, in 2003, and she was not very accommodating. This time she was very nice. She didn't really like all the luggage we had with us, but was kind of joking about it. Then she told us the great news!!! Here are her words..."The strike ended just a little while ago, so would you like to be routed straight to Entebbe via London?" Can you imagine our answer? ..."Yes, we would love to go straight to Entebbe via London!" So our route was back on track.

We said our good-byes to many of you and were off to the security check. After getting to the waiting area to board our plane, many different thoughts were taking place. The kids were crying and not wanting to leave, thoughts of awe came into action as the snow was coming down really hard, and we were struck with the realization that there were not very many people in the waiting area for such a large plane. We waved at those who were watching through the window and settled in for what we thought might be a several minute wait. But to our surprise an official came to the microphone and said that we would be boarding the plane early because of the snow. Still, there were only a hand full of people in the waiting area compared to what the plane could hold.

We boarded the plane, one of the first ones since we had children. As others started to file onto the plane, we were startled to see how many seats were remaining empty. After everyone was seated the attendants were suggesting that people spread out since there were so many seats available. It was the most unusual flight we had ever been on. I don't really know how many people the plane could hold, but I am guessing over 200 and it wasn't even half full. We were able to stretch out and actually relax for the first leg of our trip.

We arrived in London and were once again surprised at how few people were in the airport compared to times before. It was almost scary. No matter, we found our hotel room and crashed for a few hours.

Our second flight was even more empty. We flew on an airbus, which is considerably smaller, but there were still many, many seats open. Get this...there were only 43 passengers on the flight!!! We all had our own rows to stretch out and rest. Austin and I each had two seats to ourselves, and Emilee, Kaleb, and Kenneth had 3 each. UNBELIEVABLE!!

We made it to Entebbe and were on our way to our house. I noticed things have changed quite a bit in 8 months. Many of the roads have been repaired, but the traffic is worse. New buildings and homes are being built, but rent has increased. Stores are being added, so there are more things to choose from, but the prices of things have increased. One thing we were very excited about, though, was that there is an Italian Ice Cream shop close to our area. We can get a cup of ice cream for about $ .50. So...not all things have gone up.

We are happy to be back. We are still unpacking and trying to get things settled. The children started school on Monday and are already starting soccer practice and getting into the groove of things. I will not start working until next Monday because there is still quite a bit to do.

Bwana Asifiwe!!! God has answered prayers, over and above what we asked. We prayed for a safe trip and we almost had luxury. We prayed for the safety of our luggage and we arrived in Uganda with all 15 pieces. We prayed for a smooth transition into the country with jet lag, temperature changes and so on...and God has given us cooler temperatures and rains continue even when it is supposed to be the hottest time of the year. He knows exactly what we need. He knows how difficult it would be for me to adjust to the heat when we have been having such cold temperatures in the U.S. He knew that we needed to be able to relax on the plane since a few of us had been a little under the weather before we left. My God is Awesome!!!

Bwana Asifiwe!
say it with me...
Bwana Asifiwe!!!
I will post some pictures as soon as I can. Until next time, thank you for your faithful prayers. We love you all.
In Christ,