Friday, May 11, 2007


My God is absolutely amazing!! He has blessed me with His unconditional love. He has given me a ministry and desire to serve. He has granted me the opportunity to live for Him. He has provided for my every need. He has filled me with His comfort, His peace, His mercy, His forgiveness, and His grace. I do not deserve it, yet He gives it to me anyway!!! This is just part of the message that I want to share with you and with my neighbors here in Uganda. There is so much going on...I don't even know where to begin.

God has blessed me with some wonderful children.

Austin, my second born son, had a birthday on April 29th. He wanted a Sponge Bob cake. OH MY!!! Here is how it came out. We had Austin's favorite dogs and macaroni and cheese. He invited his friends over and because he turned double digits, he also got to have his first birthday sleep over. Austin and his friend got to watch several episodes of Sponge Bob on a big screen. Austin's Daddy projected it on the wall. It was all fun.
God has blessed us with a very good vehicle. The first picture is of our 'new' Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. It is a 1995, so it is not 'new', but is in very good condition. If you will remember our Nissan was in a train accident back in December. We took this picture after it had been in the mechanic shop for a few months, so it actually looks worse than it did, but the damage was mostly done to the frame. The mechanic is trying to find parts for it. We feel so blessed that we had not had any problems with it while we had it. The mechanic is finding that parts are very expensive...$4,000 for a radiator!!! Thank you Jesus for keeping our vehicle is good repair all those month. And for blessing us with this new one.
God has blessed us with the opportunity to lead a work team from Indian Wesleyan University. These are a great bunch of young people, searching for God's will for their lives. Some are still in college, but some have graduated. Please be in prayer for all of them to hear the Lord's voice in what He would want them to do. Also pray for them to have a healthy stay in Uganda. I will post more about what they are doing on another day.
Isn't God Good?!