Wednesday, February 4, 2009 I am a little rusty...:)

Wow...where to start. It has been a long time since I updated! How could I have let this go for so long? How could I not tell you all what has been going on in my world. Well, sit back, this could take a while.... HEHEHE

The last several months have been full of some amazing events!!! God is so good.

My husband's Print Shop equipment came. What an answer to prayer this was!!! He prayed for 16 years to have a Print Shop in Africa and now it is finally here!

It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop the guys from unloading all that equipment! I was cringing as each piece came out of the container into this truck. Before it was over, the truck was full.

Things are in place and mostly ready to begin operation...but one glitch...the chemicals for some of the equipment cannot be found in this country. Kenneth has been able to use the cutter, folder, electric stapler and several other things, though. What a blessing Jesus has given him!

The kids are growing up so fast. Kaleb's voice is lowering, he is growing and is learning to play the base guitar. Austin's curly hair makes him look taller and is still my cuddle bear. He is learning the guitar. Emilee is always the social bug of the family. She absolutely loves it when our VIA girls, Jean and Christina come over to hang out. I am telling you, craziness runs wild in our house, but we love it and we love these young ladies!!!

Just look at those cute kids...whose kids are those, anyway...? OH WAIT...they are mine! hehehe The Lord has really blessed me with some great children. They have all asked Jesus to be their Savior. They love Uganda, love people and are always thrilled to have guests in our home. I love these kiddos of mine!!
I think that seems like a great place to end this update. I hope you have enjoyed the journey through what has been going on in the Hopson household. We love you all!

Hmmmm Where to Start.