Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Have Been Blessed by Some Pretty Fabulous People!

Ok since my last post, a lot of people have come and gone through my life and have touched me in some really amazing ways. We have had visitors stay in our home. We have had volunteers who have allowed us to love on them and really get to know their hearts. We are so blessed.

We had some really neat Volunteers in Action people fill our lives and our hearts over the last several months. Let me tell you about them...

Lacey Mackey - totally and completely meshed with our family. Emilee absolutely loved her. She has gone home now and had joined the Peace Core...let me tell you the PC has gained a very valuable gal.

We welcomed Hannah Johnson next and was blessed by her loving ways. She loved baking and made some mean brownies on one occasion.

Emily Hawk joined us for the summer and was such a blessing to everyone she met. She is a teacher and has such a heart for missions. We hope to see her back some day.

Nick Strong, the only male volunteer, often feels overwhelmed by all the females around him. He is fun to be around, though, and has a great sense of God's call on his life. He is staying until next summer and we are enjoying having him here.

One of our greatest joys over the last few months was that our niece Heather Wallace came to Uganda. Heather spent 8 weeks with us and we throughly enjoyed her! We loved having her here with us. She was very actively involved in tuturoing several Korean children to improve their English. The parents and the children loved her! We miss her terribly, but are so happy that we got to spend some really special weeks with her. WE LOVE YOU HEATHER!!

Well, I think that about does it for this time. I tried to upload a picture of Hannah, Emily, Nick and Heather all together, but it didn't seem to work. Maybe next time.

I will try to update you on what the family is doing and how much the kids have grown. Once again, I am blessed beyond what I could ever dream of.


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